Planning of a container management system based on Auto-ID

The production site of a company in Grevenbroich rolls and refines aluminum sheets, strips and foils. During the production process, production scrap is generated at the machines. The production scrap has to be returned to the recycling loop of the company. Therefore, the production scrap is collected at the machines in special containers.

In the past, there have been frequent capacity bottlenecks of empty, available containers. Although probably there are about 1300 containers in circulation, according to employees, there are not enough containers available to cover the demand. But even a restocking order of about 300 containers in 2016 did not improve the situation of shortage despite increased resources.

Since about 60 collection points exist at the production site in Grevenbroich and the containers also move outside the site, it is not possible at the moment to determine exactly how many containers there are and where each container is located at the moment.

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