Laboratories and Infrastructure

The intelligent assistive systems research group currently has two main laboratories and dedicated infrastructure. Both laboratories work together and share equipment, but each laboratory has a specialized fokus. Please follow the subpages for each laboratory to learn more.

Usability Lab

Our modern and well-equipped Usability Lab consists of an experimental room and a control room, separated by a semitransparent glass wall. The large experimental room is equipped with various devices (such as Eye trackers, Virtual and Augmented Reality Glasses, Sensors, Cameras, and Microphones) which can be used to conduct modern user experience studies.

Please learn more about our Usability-Lab by following the link: Usability Lab Page


The AIS-Lab is equipped with a habitable space that resembles a modern living room and a kitchen. It is therefore ideally suited for ambient intelligent systems research.

Please learn more about our AIS-Lab by following the link: AIS-Laboratory Page


We have dedicated servers and network infrastructure, enabling a high level of server-software customization for our research projects.