Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think

Albert Einstein

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Of course we are also part of the educational staff of the Rhein-Waal university of applied science. We offer basic and advanced courses. Most of our courses are matching our research interests like: Artificial intelligence, Ambient Intelligence, Human Factors, Usability, User Experience ...

We are quite proud that we are able to combine common knowledge, practical experience and current research results in our courses.


We offer bachelor and master thesis topics on a regular base. Theses are aligned with our research interests. Some of them are direct part of research questions others are executed in cooperation with industry companies or social institutes. If you are looking for a thesis topic check our open topics. If you are a company and thought about offering cooperative theses check out the topics as example and get into contact with us

IAS Talks

to spread out research results to the public we invite researchers from our team, from other universities and institutes - from this or from other countries to present their work and results during small talks. This initiative has been started by us to increase the research exchange activities at the Rhine-Waal university of applied science. Of course our team members present our research focus, but in general there is no specific focus over all the talks.