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Process Management

In Linux processes can be of two types:

  • Foreground Processes :
    depend on the user for input also referred to as interactive processes
  • Background Processes :
    run independently of the user referred to as non-interactive or automatic processes

Mainly the practical aspects of process management will be covered.
In theory, process management is a vast topic and covering it in its entirety is out of scope for this tutorial.

  • Shell commands

    • Displays your currently active processes :

      > ps
    • Displays all running processes :

      > top
    • Kill a process id pid :

      > kill pid
    • Kill all processes named UnResponsiveProg:

      > killall UnResponsiveProg
    • Displays all stopped or background jobs & resume a stopped job in background :

      > bg
    • Brings the most recent job to foreground :

      > fg
      • Brings a specific job n to foreground :
        > fg n