Laboratory: Analog and digital Engineering

Instructors: Dipl.-Ing. Nicole Yazici, Prof. Dr. Christian Ressel

Course material: HSRW - Moodle - Section

Students are experienced in handling real electrical components and basic measurement equipment. They are able to use software to develop and test electrical circuits. They have gained fundamental mechanical skills. Furthermore Students have gained first experience in simulate circuits. They are able to read and to make use of data sheets and use digital components to realize basic functionalities. They can realize first functions by using a microcontroller based board.

Some content to get a taste


  • Introduction to the physical concepts of current, electric potential, power
  • Basic measurement techniques
  • Using an Oscilloscope
  • Circuit design and applications with basic logic gates and sequential logic elements
  • Microcontroller basics
  • Circuit design for standard I/O microcontroller interfaces
  • Basics of Electronic Assembly and Packaging
  • Basic characteristic diagrams of passive and active electronic components
  • Circuit design with passive components
  • Circuit design with active components - Circuit design with CAD-Tools