Identification and Automation

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Ressel

Course material: HSRW - Moodle - Section

Students have gained fundamental knowledge of devices and methods, which are used to automate processes like production or logistical processes. The module enables students to be part of a team which designs logistical systems using technology
to identify items, measure physical quantities and perform automatic reactions. The taught fundamentals
enable students to discuss with suppliers of material flow systems or with suppliers of automated warehouse
systems. Furthermore successful students are able to solve easy automating tasks independently.


  • Motivation with sample applications
  • Identification systems:
    • Identification charcteristics
    • Optical charcter recognition
      • 1D barcodes
      • 2D codes
    • Error Correction
    • The technology of barcode reader & Printing processes
    • Radio Frequency Identification
  • The GS1 System
  • Automation
    • Control Theory and control systems (logic controls, state machines, workflow, control loop, feedback mechanism)
    • Ladder Logic
    • Hardware components
      • Sensors and actuators