Ambient Intelligent Systems

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christian Ressel
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Kai Essig

Course material: HSRW - Moodle - Section

Ambient Intelligence envisions a world where people are surrounded by sensors and intelligent, intuitive interfaces embedded in the everyday objects around them. This enables the environment to identify individuals or objects and to response to their presence and behaviour in an appropriate and perhaps personalized way. In this module the students have been introduced to the vision of ambient intelligent systems. They have gained a sound understanding of enabling technologies and they got an overview of applications and understood how articficial intelligence enables these applications. The application field Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) has been discussed in detail. The students have learned how new technology can be used to improve care processes and to increase the personal mobility and comfort of elderly people. They also got a brief idea of other socio-cultural impacts. At the end of this course students are able to come up with new ideas and to start innovative projects in this area.


  • Vision, history and predecessor technologies/visions
  • Working with the user: human centered design
  • Architectures of Ambient Intelligent Systems (including service oriented architecture and frameworks like OSGi)
  • From sensor data to context: modelling, automatic detection and recognition
  • Knowledge-based systems
  • Action Planning Algorithms
  • Adaptive systems
  • Ideas and current research in the area of AmI and AAL