Amira Omran


"Cognition, emotion, and behavior are doorways to the unconscious human needs."

Skills spectrum: 

Multidisciplinary designer, Visionary, Conceptual Artist, Human Factors, Usability Engineering, Psychology, UX methods.


 I see the world differently; I see it for its potential to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Likewise, psychologically fulfilling and stimulating to the mind. I look at the big picture from a birds-eye perspective then swim deep to keep an eye on the details.  My major in art and design gave me the pleasure to communicate a message visually through design. My master as a usability engineer was important to ground a solution to what’s feasible for use and users. I aimed to become a hybrid designer to bridge the gap between creative design services and engineering as part of the successful delivery of innovative solutions. By the same token, to get a valid technical proof-of-concept in an era of emerging platforms and futuristic frameworks. Seeking a challenging position where I can capitalize on my academic knowledge with practical experience in the creative field. By bringing a fresh perspective to the table, I add not only Knowledge but also a talent to any team I may have the pleasure to work with.

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